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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Now that A-100 is winding down, and my wife and daughter have pretty much settled in here in Falls Church, it's time to get into some habits. The most pressing non-work related routine that needs to be established involves some kind of exercise regimen. While our apartment complex does have a small gym, I prefer the great outdoors. Northern Virginia, however, is a lot flatter than Taiwan, and I'm starting to miss having Dakeng  大坑 on my back doorstep. Still, a Google search did turn up a number of walking trails in this area, and this morning I checked out one of them, an area about a 15-minute drive from here called Holmes Run, located in Alexandria. While the trails were hardly challenging, and almost completely level, they did make for a quiet, shaded walk. In all, I spent about 75 minutes exploring the area. 

The closest entrance to the Dora Kelley Nature Park from where I parked my car

 The bicycle and jogging trails were paved in parts, whereas the walking paths were more "rugged"

 Holmes Run is the name of the creek that passes through the park. Portions of it evoked images of James Fenimore Cooper in my overactive imagination.

Wildlife to be seen this morning included birds, dragonflies, small fish and squirrels

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