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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Milling about

It's been almost a month out here on the other coast, and I still find myself searching for weekend sporting events to watch on TV at ten in the morning. While I'm in the process of adjusting to life in the Eastern time zone, my orientation class continues to chug along at rapid speed, with the third week having come to a conclusion. I'm getting to know the people in my group better, thanks to activities such as the overnight offsite in southern Virginia we had at the beginning of last week, and the picnic we attended late this morning in the District. Amber, Pamela and yours truly made our first foray by car out of the comfort zone of northern Virginia by motoring into Rock Creek Park, located in DC's upper northwest. My daughter, especially, enjoyed the chance to meet new people and enthusiastically took part in the kickball game that culminated the afternoon's festivities:

Rock Creek Park itself is an 1800-acre (728 hectares) oasis of cycling, hiking and horse riding trails that probably explains in part Pamela's observation that there seem to be fewer obese people in this part of the country. There's even some history to be explored in the form of the old Peirce Barn and grist mill (circa 1820), which Amber and I checked out while on a bio break:

It was a fun late morning/early afternoon, but judging from the traffic clogging up the streets of Georgetown on the way back, if at all possible, future excursions into Washington will be done by means of public transportation, and the car will be kept for trips in the opposite direction.

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