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Saturday, January 6, 2007

A cold Saturday 寒かった土曜日

I had hoped to go climbing in Takeng today, but unfriendly weather, combined with the cold that I'm having trouble shaking off, ruled that out. So instead I went for a shorter walk closer to home. Some pictures from today:

A factory seen through the trees 遠い工場:

A lizard trying to blend in トカゲ:

Spiders are still hanging around despite the chill 寒くなっているのに山でまだクモがいる:

Later in the afternoon, we went with Amber to the Pacific Department Store in Fengyuan to do some shopping. Amber had a good time, as usual.

I noticed this sign at the department store, unintelligible to most of the shoppers there:

The wording is a little strange in that the hiragana under the kanji in the upper left says "Kashuen" かしゅえん, when the characters are actually read as "Kashichoendo" 菓子町園道, literally "Candy Town Garden Road". The body of the sign says "Joshitsuna koku" 上質なコク or "High-quality...something" - I'm not sure what コク means here. The smaller print informs you that "Natural tasting ingredients were used" ナチュラルテイスト素材を活かした (Nachuraru teisuto sozai wo katsushita). I can't say for sure how correct the Japanese is on this sign, but the candy shop won't be open until the 18th of this month.

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