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Monday, January 29, 2007

Mountain Strolling

Today was cold, and very windy. But it was also bright and sunny, and seeing as Amber had been cooped up in the apartment all day yesterday due to the rain, we took her out to Daddy's favorite local haunt, the Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Park area.

Being pushed in her stroller up the same mountain road where her father often goes for walks, Amber was at first subdued and serious-looking.

Having something to play with soon cheered Amber up.

At the top of the hill we stopped at a Taoist temple before turning back.
There were some ornamental carp 錦鯉 in a small pond...

...and chickens walking among graves 墓の中に鶏がいた

Piyun Kung (Biyun Gong) 壁雲宮, "Green (or Blue) Cloud Temple".

Amber enjoyed the opportunity to stretch her legs before getting back into the stroller.

On the way home, we stopped off for dinner at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant called "Tsuichiao (Zueiciao)" 酔喬. According to the restaurant's business card, 酔喬 in hiragana is すいけう, "Suikeu". This has to be a typo, because the second kanji is read as きょう, "kyo" (or as "Takashi", or as "Kyoji", or as...well, anyway, not as "keu"). Let's just call it "Drunk Kyou" for now.

こんにちは、新のりです。 "Hello, I am fresh seaweed"...or something to that effect.

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