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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Morning Hike in Tak'eng (Dakeng) 大坑の朝のハイキング

I met up with Micheal this morning for a short hike in Takeng. We had a leisurely walk for a couple of hours, starting out on a short but steep road leading to a temple dedicated to Kuanyin (Guanyin), the Buddhist goddess of mercy (and of breakfasting hikers, judging by all the people there at 9 in the morning). From there, we walked up the No. 6 Trail, checked the progress of a new leisure spot being developed that promises fantastic views of the city of T'aichung (Taijhong) 台中, then took a narrow mountain road back down to ground level, passing several traditional-type homes on the way. The weather was on the hazy side, but at least the temperature was cool. Next time we'll have to tackle one of the more challenging routes in the Takeng area.


Back in the States, I could never imagine someone parking their car next to a religious icon. 観音様の隣で駐車した車

A temple in the distant haze. 遠い所にあった寺


Old Taiwanese houses. 台湾の伝統的な家

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