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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Compass points the way

It isn't often that Compass Magazine ("Making silk purses out of sows' ears") actually gets something right, but this article on T'aiyuan Station 太原車站 from the October issue is fairly spot on. While I don't share the anonymous government hack's admiration for the station's exterior architecture, and I had to settle for a can of Mr. Brown instead of the promised NT40 ($1.30/¥110) cup of coffee, it was fun to sit in the cafe area and watch the trains go by (and under). The shop also makes for an interesting browse, and if I hadn't already spent a lot of cash showing my friends around central and southern Taiwan this past week (not to mention the horror I received this afternoon at the travel agency when I learned just how much it's going to cost the three of us to fly back home during the next Chinese New Year 春節 holiday), I might have bought a few things. No doubt I'll make the mistake of bringing Amber here (probably by train) in the very near future.

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