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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jeff and Barbara Do Taiwan, Part II

In which everyone's favorite Slovene-American couple pay a visit to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭, Taiwan's largest freshwater body. Let's 写真!

Barbara contemplates the enigmatic (and yellow-colored) soda "P" at a seafood restaurant in Shuishe Village 水社村:

Proof positive that we were actually there. Despite it being a Tuesday, there were quite a few visitors at the lake (though nothing compared to the hordes that descend upon it on weekends), with many of them being of the Chinese persuasion. Lots of sightseeing boats were plying the water, and touts were aggressively trying to round up passengers (we declined, several times):

Jeff and Barbara took some time to explore Wenwu Temple 文武廟, with the sunset over Sun Moon Lake serving as a backdrop:

The final stop before heading back to T'aichung 台中 was at the Tz'uen Pagoda 慈恩塔. The fading gloom meant no more photographs could be taken, but Barbara was able to ascend the steps to check out the view of the lake and its twinkling lights. More importantly, she got to ring the bell at the top. It was a dark, unlit walk back to the car, though some light was provided by Amber's flashing Dora the Explorer sandals, and by the fireflies that all of us were surprised to see flying about.

Tomorrow, Jeff and Barbara will spend some more time in Taichung, before the four of us go to K'enting 墾丁 on Thursday.

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