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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jeff and Barbara Do Taiwan, Part I

Good friends don't often make the trek out here to Taiwan to visit - in fact, the last time one did, the World Trade Center was still standing in New York City. So I've been looking forward to being paid a visit by my old high school friend Jeff, along with his lovely wife Barbara. The two of them will be here for the next two weeks, and having arrived last night, today was the first full day of their first sojourn into Asia. As luck would have it, however, my intestinal system decided to welcome a visitor of its own, and I've been feeling less than 元気 since last Wednesday evening thanks to my unwanted viral guest. So for this reason, and others (like the fact that some sightseeing attractions aren't open on Mondays), Jeff and Barbara's introduction to Taiwan was of a low-key nature. We couldn't have asked for better weather today, and I think they're really looking forward to seeing what Taiwan has to offer. This guide needs his rest, so here are a few photos and a brief description of what we did and saw today...

The large Milefo 布袋 statue at Paochueh Temple 寳覚寺 in T'aichung 台中:

The sights of Fengyuan 豐原, all two of them - the Matsu 媽祖 Temple, and the Miaotung 廟東 street food market:

At dinner this evening, we all took an interest in an "Olive Plum Vinegar" drink, which was pronounced to be "not that bad, actually". No doubt the first of many "interesting" foods and drinks waiting to be discovered in the days ahead:

Tomorrow it's off to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭. Now it's off to bed.

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