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Monday, May 16, 2011

A case of the crabs

What do you do on a warm but overcast day, when the mist is hanging in the air and the skies are threatening to unleash a downpour? You go to the Kāo​měi​ Wetland 高美濕地 and look for crabs, of course:

And afterward you visit the T'ái​chūng Harbor Fish Market 台中港魚市場 in Wú​ch'ī​ 梧棲, where you check out the many kinds of seafood on display, some of which (like the pair of cuttlefish, or wū​tséi 烏賊 「コウイカ」 pictured below) are VERY fresh:

One thing you can't avoid at the fish market is having to run the gantlet of aggressive touts trying to herd customers into their seafood restaurants:

You can read an excellent account of what it's like trying to eat at tourist markets in this country by following this link:

On the way home, we found ourselves following one of the more hard-to-explain-but-not-uncommon scenes of like on this island: the "spicy girl" (là​mèi) 辣妹 singing an enka 演歌 song from a stage that has been mounted at the rear of one of those ubiquitous blue pickup trucks. She belts her tune while the truck is moving, usually included in a Taoist 道教 festival (like this evening), but occasionally ​as part of a funeral procession. The presence of the "hot babe" (if your idea of sexiness was formed during the Eisenhower administration, that is) has been explained to me as a way of "pleasing the gods", but no doubt the local おじさん are also quite happy to see (and hear) these trucks go by:

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