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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Changes in plans

Due to a scheduling mix-up on our (read my wife's) part, Amber didn't have her regular Saturday afternoon swimming lesson today (she'll do a makeup class next Tuesday). Also, Pamela had a rare day off, meaning that for first time in ages, all three of us were free on a Saturday afternoon. So naturally we took advantage of the long (for us) weekend by going out of town, right? Um, wrong. It seems Mother Nature had other ideas. Rain or not, I would've gone ahead and gotten the hell out of Dodge, at least for one night (for me, T'ái​wān​ 台灣 is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Wait a minute...), but She Who Must Be Obeyed (because She Is Also Probably Right) decreed that we had to wait for sunnier days, and that was that.

Oh well, seeing as T'ái​wān is in the midst of its worst drought in over eight years, this rain is badly needed. And the three of us still had a pretty good day, beginning with one of Amber's periodic modeling sessions, and ending with an afternoon performance at the Chūng​yŭ Department Store 中友百貨公司 by the cast from YOYO TV. I don't normally approve of what's broadcast on YOYO (and on its rival channel, MOMO) - the performers are young and handsome/beautiful, and I don't like the subtle messages this fact is suggesting to the minds of their young viewers (in comparison, the entertainers on NHK's 日本放送協会 kids shows look more like real people). But Amber really enjoyed the show, singing and dancing for the better part of an hour, so curmudgeonly old dad is happy that his daughter is happy.

The superstar model is seen to by her retinue of personal attendants. Amber's photos should up on this link from next Tuesday (May 17).

Because 三喜屋 just doesn't sound as cool when pronounced as Sān​hsǐwū​.

(上 I couldn't understand the meaning of kikupan, until I realized I was reading くきパン the wrong way. Kukipan Bread 九鬼麵包, doh! (下) Hitola Sushi is a local conveyor-belt sushi 回転寿司 chain. The name appears to be a phonetic transcription of the Mandarin reading of the characters 喜多楽, Hsǐtōlè​ (Kitaraku きたらく in Japanese)​​.

Oh, my, it's a shop telling hand-rolled sushi, or temaki 手巻き. Lions and tigers and bears, おまい!

English: Welcome a top-class massage service.
中文: ???

Courtesy of Jason's in Chūng​yŭ, the two following brews from Rogue Ales of Newport, Oregon ( are now in my refrigerator, awaiting consumption:


Both are welcome antidotes to T'ái​wān Beer 台灣啤酒, even more so now that the weather is starting to warm up here.

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