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Saturday, May 28, 2011


The view from one of the top floors of the MODE Mall, located just a few minutes' walk from the South Exit of T'áichūng Station 臺中車站. I've long wondered about the large pond in the background. The area has been fenced off and inaccessible for as long as I've been in T'áiwān 台灣. According to my wife, what appears to be a small lake is actually a large hole in the ground that was the result of a construction project that came to a premature end. Over the years it has filled up with water to create the illusion of being a pond. So she says.

My daughter poses in front of Nitori ニトリ (, a Japanese home furnishings chain that has a branch in the mall (there is also an outlet in the Dream Mall 統一夢時代購物中心 in Kāohsiúng 高雄). Our apartment in Yokkaichi 四日市 (a mid-sized industrial city located in Japan's Mie Prefecture 三重県) was outfitted with purchases from the local Nitori there, as well as from Daisō ザ・ダイソー ( and Hard Off ハードオフ ( Who says Japan has to be an expensive place to live?

In the photo above, Amber is "Little Tòuhuā" 小豆花, a small dog that she had assumed the character of. I have no idea why she named herself after tofu pudding.

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