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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Last Assembly

This Sunday is Mother's Day, of course, and the assisted living care facility where my mother is staying will be holding a steak-and-lobster lunch that day to celebrate the occasion. Last Sunday Amber's kindergarten held its annual Mother's Day show, which also provided Amber with her last chance to say goodbye to her teachers and classmates. Amber's class first gave a short violin recital, then my daughter was called up onto the stage, where it was announced that she would be leaving Taiwan for the United States. In a nice gesture, my daughter was given her graduation gift early (the actual ceremony isn't until July) - a large pink Minnie Mouse backpack that proved useful as a piece of carry-on baggage. Later in the show, all the mothers came up to receive thanks and hugs from their children. 

Kindergarten has been a very positive experience for Amber. Her school didn't overemphasize academics (unlike the kindy where I worked!), with lots of time provided for outdoor play as well as arts and crafts. There were also opportunities to take extra classes in art, math, dance and even the Japanese game of go 囲碁. But the best part of the kindergarten experience for my daughter was that it allowed for an only child to make friends and to learn how to get along with others.

When I asked Amber if she felt sad about leaving her friends and classmates, she said she wasn't. Her reasoning was that she could make new friends in her new home and at her new school (she'll start elementary school this fall), wherever those places turn out to be. Considering the effect her dad's new career is going to have on her life, it seems Amber already has the right attitude.

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