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Monday, May 21, 2012

Reverse culture shock?

Actually, despite the title of this post, it hasn't been that hard readjusting to life in the U.S. True, I'm no longer the tallest person around, and there are a lot more non-Asians to be seen, but getting over the jet lag (first, from flying across the Pacific, and then by crossing the contiguous USA) has been the more difficult adjustment. I'm starting to settle in to the apartment in Falls Church, helped in no small part by getting to meet up last night with an old friend from UC Davis, Jim, who is also starting a new career in the Foreign Service (he'll be posted to Ukraine in August). This morning I took a walk through the neighborhood and discovered a couple of really nice parks, one with a cycle path that beckons to be explored on foot. And this afternoon there was a small get-together that gave everyone a chance to get to know their new classmates. Registration at the State Department is tomorrow, and orientation begins in earnest on Tuesday. Things are certainly going to get busier.

One thing I am having trouble getting used to is being here by myself. Pamela and Amber won't be joining me in DC until June 8, so I'm on my own until then. Considering that I'm living in a complex populated mainly by families, it isn't easy being separated from them. Still, my daughter seems to be enjoying herself in the States, and I'm sure she'll like this area when she gets here. Here are some photos of Amber taken since we arrived in the US from Taiwan:

Modeling Dad's clothes

 With Aunt Karen

Helping her Nana celebrate Mother's Day

Not fearing the sharks at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma

With Rhubarb at a Tacoma Rainiers game

Playing miniature golf for the first time

Enjoying the rides at a small carnival in the Silverdale Mall parking lot

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