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Friday, November 17, 2006

Japanese in Action 広告の日本語

Two more examples of Japanese in use on the streets of Fengyuan.

This is one of those arcade games where you insert a coin, then manipulate a metal claw to try and pick up some sort of toy. In this case, the prizes are Doraemon ドラえもん characters.

The writing is read as "Oyawa no yojipa" おヤワのよぢパ. What does it mean? I have absolutely no idea. If any of the 130 million or so people out there whose Japanese skills are far superior to mine can translate this into English for me, please be my guest. Otherwise, I'm assuming it's just gibberish.

The other photo is of a signboard on the sidewalk in front of a jeweler's shop

The product in question is called "Saver One", and the Japanese sentence in the white box says "Denjiha kara mi wo mamoru" 電磁波から身を守る, or "The body is protected from electromagnetic waves". And there you have it - Saver One looks to be some kind of bracelet that will keep you safe from electromagnetic waves. Make sure to wear one the next time you heat up leftovers in the microwave, or you will never be able to have children.

One more thing. Why is it on Page 13 of the November issue of Compass Magazine, the name of the Japanese restaurant is written as "Tokukago" in Romaji ローマ字, when the kanji 漢字 is clearly that for "Tokugawa" 徳川? After all, the name "Tokugawa" is one of the most important in Japanese history.

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