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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Life 生物

The date on the calendar may have read Veterans Day, but it felt more like spring, at least while the sun was up. Going for a walk in the hills near Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Park this afternoon, signs of life were everywhere.

A crab that was some distance away from the nearest source of water カに:

Fly ハエ:

A small river near my apartment building アパートの近くにある小川:

My apartment complex, looming like a fortress over the rice fields 

Amber, the reason for my being. Pamela has posted a lot of pictures of Amber on this website 見てください:

Every day is a lazy Saturday for our cat Chiou-chiou 球球 (タマちゃん):

This evening we went to the local department store in Fengyuan to do some shopping 今晩豊原のデパートに買い物に行った。Amber, as usual, found herself the center of attention from the store clerks:

We ate dinner at the food court in the store's basement, at the politically incorrect "The Red Man Teppanyaki":

Another example of Japanese in action. The Japanese at the bottom reads "Okashiyaki" おかしやき, from a stand selling Osaka-sytle grilled cakes (according to the Chinese):

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