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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lunar New Year 旧正月 Day 5

Yuanhuan Road, the loop road around central Fengyuan (Fongyuan) 豊原, is a lot more interesting to walk in a counter-clockwise direction. That's mainly because of a large strip of parkway that borders most of the northern section of the road. It took me 90 minutes and 8400 steps to walk the outer part of the loop this morning.

Two statues. In Japan, you often see statues of nude women in front of public buildings. In Taiwan, I guess it's well-hung men in their jockey briefs. At least that's the case with the figure on the left, which can be seen in front of the Fengyuan Culture Center 豊原文化会館 (yes, there's culture in Fengyuan!). The man on the right is none other than Sun Yat-sen 孫逸仙 (中山樵), the father of the Republic of China. The inscription underneath Sun reads "T'ienhsia wei kung (Tiansia wei gong)", or "The World is for all". As long as you're Chinese?

The Fengyuan branches of the 908 Taiwan Republic Campaign 908台湾國運動, and the Taiwan Solidarity Union 台灣團結聯盟, two organizations supporting Taiwanese independence.

This small sign caught my attention as I was walking by. Located in front of an old house, it's for a group promoting exchanges of some sort between Taiwan and Japan. No further information is given as to what kind of activities this society is engaged in.

Later in the afternoon I took Amber over to a nearby park to give her some fresh air, and a chance to stretch her young legs.

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