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Sunday, February 11, 2007

What's in a name? 炊事困惑

I took Amber out today to meet some students and fellow teachers for lunch at a vegetarian Italian restaurant in Fengyuan. It also gave Pamela a chance to relax at home for a couple of hours and watch "The Grudge 2". Amber and I had a good time at the restaurant, and afterwards took a stroll through Fengyuan's main claim to fame, a narrow lane of street stalls selling snacks known as "Miaotung (Miaodong)" 廟東, literally "East Temple". 豊原のいちばん有名な所は「廟東」という小道だ。たくさんの屋台はその小道に沿って並んでいる。 I took this picture there of a sign for a Japanese restaurant

There seems to be some bilingual confusion about what kind of Japanese food is served there. The name of the restaurant in Chinese is "Miaotung Shoussuwu (Miaodong Shousihwu)" 廟東壽司屋, the Miaotung Sushi Restaurant. According to the hiragana, however, this place is an oden restaurant おでんや. In any event, Amber wasn't impressed with Miaotung.

Here's Amber on Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Road, and in front of the Pacific Department Store.

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