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Monday, February 26, 2007

Lunar New Year 旧正月 Day 9

The last day of my Lunar New Year vacation turned out to be the most disappointing. I had been looking forward to doing some hiking in Tak'eng (Dakeng) 大抗 with Steve today. But wouldn't you know it - after finally persuading Steve to go with me, I woke up at 6 this morning to the sound of rain coming down. So much for our plans to go to Takeng. To add insult to injury, I discovered that our blind cat Chiou-chiou 球ちゃん had relieved himself on the floor in Amber's bedroom, no doubt because he had been unable to find his way to the litter box out on the front patio. Feeling disappointed about not going to Takeng, I elected to stay home while Pamela and Amber went out for lunch and some shopping with some of Pamela's relatives visiting from Hsilo (Siluo) せいら 西螺. In the afternoon, I finally got myself out of the apartment, first to do some walking in Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Park 中正公園. After that, I went for a ride on my scooter into the hills surrounding Fengyuan (Fongyuan) 豊原. On Tungyang (Dongyang) Road 東陽路 I followed some stairs leading up from the road up to some abandoned graves, before the combination of fading sunlight, spiders and mosquitoes led me back down to my bike and onwards to home. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

Lizards were everywhere in Chung-cheng Park

A fight over a parking space. Lots of yelling, pushing and shoving, but no punches were thrown.


A view of a distant minsu, a private home providing lodging for travelers

A turkey strutting his stuff along Tungyang Road

The steps leading up to the old graves

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