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Monday, December 18, 2006


After a cold, wet, windy and miserable Saturday, Sunday came in cold and windy, but sunny. The temperature in our apartment was 15 degrees centigrade (59 F) when I left for Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Park 中正公園 for a noontime walk in the hills. 15 degrees would be a warm day in Japan during winter, but for Taiwanese it means breaking out the parkas. Despite the strong wind, I couldn't have asked for better weather - bright sunshine and clean, clear skies. Everything looked particularly nice today.


After returning home, we decided to take Amber out to a local park to enjoy the remaining hours of sunshine before it got too late (and colder).
うちに帰って後、ぼくたちは Amber と近い公園に連れて行くを決めた。
Here's Amber wearing her wig hat:

After arriving at the park, we put Amber into her stroller and started out. Unfortunately, disaster soon struck. While I was holding Amber in my arms so that Pamela could take a picture, I noticed the stroller moving away from us. I always lock the stroller wheels in place when it's stationary. Always, that is, except for this time. And this time the stroller, free of Amber's weight, was pushed along by the wind and propelled into a muddy pool of water! I was able to retrieve the stroller, but everything was sopping wet and coated in mud. I thought our 9000 NT stroller ($275 or ¥33,000) was going to be a write-off, but Pamela suggested we immediately go to her brother's factory nearby, where we hosed it down. It's still there, drying off. I suppose I'll soon see the humor of the situation, but at the moment I'm still feeling like a bloody idiot.

Although our park visit was cut short, in the end we drove up to the golf course around sunset to see the view of Fengyuan (Fongyuan とよはら 豊原)at dusk.

See, I'm smiling again.

UPDATE: The stroller has been saved! In fact, it's cleaner than it's ever been, so perhaps The Incident In The Park On Sunday was actually a godsend.

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