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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Early Sunday Afternoon

I just got back from going for a walk in the Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Park 正中公園 area, and what a difference a week makes! This time I didn't get there until close to noon, so by that time the morning market had long since finished. The cool cloudy weather also kept a lot of people away from the trails, but there were plenty of critters out.

A couple of egrets 大鷺 hunting in a stream, very difficult to photograph up close:

Even though it's early December, the spiders クモ are still out there:

Same goes for the butterflies ちょうちょう:

Ditto for this mantis 蟷螂:

Small factories are everywhere in Taiwan, even in the hills and mountains 小さい工場:

Housing 家 (the dome in the background is a nunnery 尼寺):

A distant view, and the obligatory panoramic shot:

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