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Monday, December 4, 2006

Late Sunday Afternoon

Despite the overcast skies and cool temperatures this afternoon, we took Amber out to a nearby park, Fengchun Kungyuan (Fongjun Gongyuan). Or should I say "Because of the overcast skies..."? The last thing I want to do is keep my daughter cooped up indoors just because the weather conditions are less than optimal. As you can see from the pictures below, she didn't mind the lack of sunshine one bit.

Before going out, Amber tried on the new hat the mom bought for her yesterday:

So this is what she's going to look like when her hair finally grows in!

At the park:

Fengchun Park has a couple of small Taoist temples on its grounds. This isn't unusual in Taiwan, and I'm sure these ones are unrelated to the fact that this particular park used to be a cemetery. The bodies were supposedly dug up and moved to another location (there are some old graves across the street from the park), but I can't help thinking of that old movie "Poltergeist":

You find these paths everywhere in Taiwan. Stones are embedded in the pavement, and the idea is you walk barefoot over them. Taiwanese believe that by doing so, the "hsuehtao (syuedao)", the points in the human body where acupuncture can be applied, on your feet can be stimulated, and is therefore good for your health. I believe these rocky footpaths would be a very effective way to extract critical information from a criminal/terrorist suspect:

The prize-winning shot of Amber:

The smile at the end of the day that makes these outings so worthwhile:

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