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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A busy day 忙しい日

Today was one of those days where you found yourself running all over town, taking care of one thing after another. We had to take our laptop to Taichung in order to get the hard drive replaced. As it took about five hours to get done, we killed the time by first going to the 2006 Korean Expo at the Taichung World Trade Center 台中世界貿易センター. Pamela picked up some kimchi and spicy mushrooms, while Amber, as usual, enjoyed the attention she got from some of the people there.

Next, it was on to the Wang Kao Liao (Wang Gao Liao) lookout point on top of Tatu (Dadu) Mountain. The Takeng area was hidden by a layer of smog, but the towering mountains behind them were clearly visible.

The last stop we made before picking up the computer was at Toys 'R' US to do some Christmas shopping. Here is Amber's first encounter with Santa Claus. As the sign notes, only 16 more shopping days before Xmas!

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