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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Pachinko パチンコ

There are many things that Taiwanse have picked up from Japan over the years. Pachinko, unfortunately, is one of them. There are a lot of places around Taiwan that claim to be pachinko parlors, and Fengyuan is no exception. Here's a sign for one such establishment in downtown Fengyuan, not far from the Miaotung (Miaodong 廟東) Temple:

I love how the sign states the pachinko parlor is exactly 168 meters away. That's 551 feet!

The writing of "pachinko" in katakana パチンコ is frequently seen:

I have no idea how pachinko Taiwanese-style compares to the game in Japan. I've only been inside a pachinko parlor in Japan just once, somewhere outside the town of Kanra 甘楽町 in Gumma Prefecture 群馬県 (and that was around 1989/90!). I lost, which is probably why I never developed a taste for it. And seeing as they look pretty sleazy in Taiwan, I don't think I'll be stepping inside a pachinko parlor here anytime soon.

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